— R&D

Research and Development

  • Product engineering

  • Manufacturing engineering

  • Molds and Tools manufacturing

  • Product validation

Every year Giobert invests around 5% of its turnover in R&D.

Research and Development is carried out in-house. The Product Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering divisions utilise state of the art design tools, from simulation software like FEM and injection molding computer-aided engineering, to rapid prototyping.

Giobert has an in-house workshop for manufacturing tools including moulds for zamak diecasting, and machinery for plastic injection molding and cutting, assembly and testing.

Product certification is also carried out on site, using a modern laboratory for testing and reliability trials.


  • Zamak diecasting

  • Plastic injection molding (dual injection molding)

  • Die forming

  • Keys milling

  • Assembly

Typical modern key kits consists of around 100 components, involving 20 different processes. At least 90 of the 100 components are designed by Giobert and at least 50 are produced in the company’s plants.

The company, which prides itself on its vertical organisation, has always carried out all its main production processes in its own plants, including zamak diecasting,
plastic injection molding and dual injection molding, die forming and key milling.
The highly automated assembly steps and final testing are also in-house.