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The 60th anniversary book

The 60th anniversary book

The firm tells its story and the Group’s outlook in Giobert. Precision Makers

In 2013 Giobert decided to celebrate its sixtieth anniversary by publishing a book dedicated to its history, philosophy and future prospects — from the workshop established by company founder Giovanni Bertolino to the opening of the new plants in Poland and Brazil.

Here an excerpt from the foreword by the President Paolo Bertolino:

“For Giobert’s sixtieth anniversary we decided it was time to celebrate the company’s story, as perhaps we never really have so far. So this is a chance to get to know us better for those who have placed their trust in us over the years —partners, clients, friends— and for us too.

This book is more than just a nostalgic trip down memory lane, though. We wanted to celebrate the company’s history, and look back at the old projects and the first keys we made to help us look to the future and celebrate the values that make us stand out.”