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2013 Financial Report

2013 Financial Report

The Giobert S.p.A. General Shareholders’ Meeting approved the Annual Financial Report last December 2013.

Paolo Bertolino, the Group’s president and CEO, commented on the presentation of the 2013 Financial Report:

“This year’s Financial Report coincided with a special occasion for the company: a few months ago we celebrated our sixtieth anniversary.

Despite the downturn of the last five years, when we had to face one of the worst recessions since the last war, we are delighted to report that Giobert has resumed its path of growth. This has involved opening two new plants abroad, acquiring important international clients and improving and extending our product range — both the traditional lock set lines and the more recent range of products for car interiors, including handles and locking systems.

In this period we have never stopped investing in R&D, in making our plants safer and building on our technological know how, including introducing bi-material plastic components.
At the same time the company has developed with a commitment to applying global best practices.

This is the start of a new season for us. The many projects we are currently working on, which are set to enter production in the forthcoming months, give us a positive vision of the future.

Rapidity, flexibility and precision: these are the core values our growth is based on.
We want to take a dynamic, enterprising approach, while still remaining loyal to our past history and the invaluable experience we have gained over the years.
We are looking forward to taking on new challenges, counting on the talent and unity of our team, and celebrating future anniversaries with the same confidence and pride.”